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Welcome to our unique Methodist Church. You are assured of a warm and friendly welcome whenever you join us. We are one church but have two centres, one in Frisby and another in Hoby. 

The same people but different places!

Upper Wreake Methodist Church - Hoby Centre


Hoby Methodist Church. Chapel Lane, Hoby, Leicestershire. LE14 3DW

          Contacts:  Mrs Janet Norburn Tel: 0116 269 5295 and Mrs Jenny Hurst Tel: 01664 840479


Upper Wreake Methodist Church - Frisby Centre

Frisby Methodist Church. 29 Main Street, Frisby-on-the-Wreake, Leicestershire. LE14 2NJ

      Contact: Mrs J Norburn  tele: 0116 269 5295 and Mrs Jenny Hurst 01664 840479

     Bookings: Mrs Debbie Charles. Email: 

There is a Communion service on Sunday, 14th March 2021 at 3:00pm - Led by Rev. James Skinner

Please refer to guidance for attending services in Church.


Each Sunday, the churches of the Upper Wreake share in a Zoom on-line service.

Please contact Janet Norburn prior to the service for an invitation:


Newsletter - 28th February 2021 

and 'Vic's ramblings' below:

Dear All,

Please find attached the readings for this coming Sunday the Second Sunday of Lent along with the SWF Ramble for this week and the pictures. Please share these with you friends and colleagues.

I saw pictures on the news last night of NASA's Perseverance Rover landing on Mars. It was quite amazing the skill and precision to get this perfectly landed on Mars. We also heard audio from the red planet for the first time, described as a Martian Breeze. The pictures from the high definition camera were fabulous, for a moment it is easy to forget that these pictures are coming from so far away. I think it takes 10 or 11 minutes for an instruction once issued on Earth for it to get to the Rover on Mars quite incredible. It was a very welcome and different news story which tells of the great ingenuity and capability of men and women to do great things. I look forward to seeing future pictures of our 'near neighbour' in the weeks and months ahead.

Yesterday many of you will have heard the Prime Minister either in Parliament or at his evening press conference outlining the proposed road map back to a normal life 'subject to the science' It was the first glimmer of hope of an end to the pandemics restrictions. The vaccination programme is another amazing success story with over 17 million having been vaccinated to date. I will be another to add to that figure as I will be off to Melton Sports Centre on Burton Road for my jab on Thursday morning. We will have started our journey over the next 118 days to mid summers day June 21st and being released (we pray) from all limits to social gatherings which will be coming to an end. I think the landmark dates are March 8th all schools open and all students return to restart their full time education, with an end to online learning in England. Then March 29th when the rule of six is reintroduced. Next is April 12th when non essential retail reopens and we can all go and get our hair cut again, hurray! On May 17th In door hospitality can reopen and then leading on to June 21st. All these dates are subject to 'the science' and our sincere hope that we can each time move on to the next stage. It is clear from the news that the public do not want this to be rushed nor do businesses. The press perhaps have a different view. I think I will need this time to prepare myself for getting back into situations and circumstances that I have not engaged with for more than 12 months by the time this is over. It means we have a plan to resume a more normal life but how do we all do that comfortably and without worry. Of course one area we will need to look at as a church is getting back to in person worship (which is currently allowed under the current guidance, but not being taken up by most churches at this time). We should not forget the benefits we have experienced from online worship. Much will be different it won't be exactly the same as it was before, but I am sure we all know that!

One of my pictures was taken on the 14th of February. Not that long ago but with snow still on the ground and still while we were in that cold spell, which seems like a distant memory now. Drove Way This is a picture of the drove way to the side of the wood at Barn Farm. It has needed clearing for some time as it is a pathway not regularly used by livestock or tractors. It was full of brambles. But it is nearly clear now as this picture shows and I look forward to having a few bonfires in the next few weeks. We had so many blackberries last year, but this hedge to the side certainly won't in 2022 as I have cut them all back to ground level to give the hedge a fighting chance.

The next picture is of a newly planted English Elm tree, you will recall pictures from last year that our disease resistant elm trees Elmof which we had two had sadly both died of what they were supposed to be resistant to. So we have another go with a tree propagated from on in Gloucestershire which has amazingly survived the disease while all those around it have died. So we will see. In another eight years when the bark starts to get developed we will see if the beetle can get in and kill the tree, I very much hope that it can't. The sound of chain saws around the village at the weekend is a sad noise at present as a number of ash trees have been felled over the last few days as they have succumbed to Ash Dieback. Our countryside continues to change, if we lose all the ash trees we will have very few hedge row trees left around Hoby. Lets hope for a few Gloucestershire type Ash Trees in the neighbourhood which like that Elm survived against all the odds.

Mable The next picture is of Mable on look out. She is very nimble and can easily get over this stile. When you are in the garden she does spend time on patrol looking out at what she can see. The footpath passes close by, so she is very good at announcing to us anyone who is passing by or taking a wrong turn! She is a lovely dog and I adore her, and she is a great companion for mum. Mable does get spoilt as well and why not!

More tree planting for this coming weekend I believe. These twelve oak trees have been grown Oaksfrom local acorns in the village and are now ready for planting out. I will be putting them in to the Jubilee Wood at Barn Farm to fill gaps from lost ash trees, I might be able to get a couple in to the hedge as well at the top side of the paddock. That hedge is being laid during March and I can see a few gaps that we can fill.

Last Sunday was the first Sunday in Lent and Revd. Crystal had suggested a project for the villages of Lent in a Bag. Lent Bag The picture shows one we have put out in church for those who visit for private prayer to see and perhaps follow. As we go through Lent the items in the bag get related to. We have again given a bag to the children in the village and others to church family members with others being distributed round the village in the next few days. Hoby has had 25 bags in all and they will all be handed out before the end of the week. We thank Revd. Crystal for her ideas and her energy and for keeping us connected with our communities in different ways.

Do enjoy the lighter evenings and I hope you are cheered by the latest news about vaccination role out and the road map to end the pandemic restrictions. I pray that it will be so, because I can't wait for a party or two or three!!

Keep safe and well,


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