Melton Mowbray Methodist Circuit

Faith, Hope and Love


The circuit endeavours to provide for children and young people in a safe and secure environment. That provision is offered in 2 ways:-

1. By groups who use our premises but not the responsibility of the circuit.

2. By groups who are part of the body that is our Methodist Circuit.


Safeguarding is about the mission of the Methodist church and applies to all people who work, including volunteers, with children and young people.

It is a legal requirement that people working with children and young people are registered with:-
1. The Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) which is responsible for the
    decisions made through the Vetting & Barring Scheme.
2. The Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) which administers the Vetting &
    Barring Scheme + comprehensive criminal history checks.

The ISA and CRB will provide suitability checks and decisions.

Please note that to date the ISA and Vetting & Barring Scheme is under government review and as such implementation has been suspended. 

The Methodist Church has a Safeguarding Policy in place with good guidelines for best practice and compliance with the statutory and legal requirements.

The Methodist Church is a member of The Churches' Agency for Safeguarding which provides a central processing service for checks, registration and support.

Our Circuit Safeguarding Coordinator is :-

Mrs Janet Norburn  Tele: 0116 269 5295

Safeguarding Officer (Sage Cross and Sandy Lane) :-

Miss Carol Scarborough

Our Northampton Methodist District Safeguarding Officer is:-
Gill Crippen
Tele: 07967 362885
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