Melton Mowbray Methodist Circuit

Faith, Hope and Love

        The Knitted Bible

The Knitted Bible is a set of 31 bible stories. 

Each story comes in a box with knitted figures and a printed story. 

 1. Creation 


 Adam & Eve

  2. Adam & Eve

  3. Noah's Ark

 Noah's Ark


  4. God's promise to Abraham

  5. Joseph's beautiful Coat

 Joseph's Coat

 Burning Bush

  6. Moses and the Burning Bush

  7. Moses and the Ten Commandments

 10 Commandments

 David & Goliath

  8. David & Goliath

  9. Solomon builds a Temple

 Solomon's Temple


 10. Elijah and the Ravens

 11. Daniel and the Lions



 12. Jonah and the Whale

 13. Mary and the Angel

 Mary & Angel


 14. The Nativity

 15. The Baptism of Jesus

 Jesus' Baptism

 The call of the Disciples

 16. The Call of the Disciples

 17. The Wedding at Cana


 Woman at Well

 18. The Woman at the Well

 19. Jesus heals a lame man

 Jesus heals

 Jesus feeds

 20. Jesus feeds 5000

 21. The Good Samaritan


 Lost Sheep

 22. The Parable of the Lost sheep

 23. The Parable of the Lost son

 Lost Son

 Jesus blesses

 24. Jesus Blesses the Children

 25. Zacchaeus


 Palm Sunday

 26. Palm Sunday

 27. Mary honours Jesus

 Mary honours Jesus

 Last Supper

 28. The Last Supper

 29. Good Friday

 Good Friday


 30. Resurrection

 31. Pentecost


These can be used with children and adults bringing the bible stories to life.

A story box can be hired out individually or the whole set can be hired. 

Churches can use them for their own exhibition, as a resource.

Ministers, Local Preachers and Worship Leaders can use them as part of worship services. Ministers can also use them for worship in schools, school nurseries and playgroups.

You can book these from the circuit office 07376034285.

You can download the complete list of stories and Booking Form, here.