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Government advice: Covid-19 guidance for the safe use of places of worship

Recommendations Regarding Worship in Our Churches.

Dear friends,
As you know, the restrictions regarding worship have now been lifted somewhat.
The CLT has been in consultation with our acting Superintendent Rev. Andy Fyall of the Stamford circuit.  Please see the copy of the statement below produced by the Stamford circuit and endorsed by ourselves which offers advice and encouragement as things progress.
The main area of concern is around singing.  We have missed singing together, but we would encourage you to think about this carefully.
The droplets we expel as we talk, sing and laugh spread the virus and singing spreads these droplets more forcefully than regular speech.  There are suggestions on the document which you may find helpful.  As the CLT in this circuit, we would recommend that people continue to wear facemasks where possible to ensure the safety of those around us.  This practice is being encouraged in many public places and so we ask you to consider this as a way to demonstrate our care for others.
Please also continue to think about spacing and offering hand gel as you enter the building.  Please continue to use the track and trace system.

 It is a brave new world we are part of.  Be safe and be encouraged.  We have come a long way.  Things may not be what they were but we are moving on.
Many thanks to everyone who is making all this possible.  Thanks to those who are at home praying.  We are a team no matter what part you play in this - it is all to the glory of God!
God Bless
Alison. (23rd July 2021)

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NHS App     

In support of the Government's initiative to improve the NHS App 'Track and Trace' system, our churches are displaying the QR code, for you to scan, as you enter the building. If not displayed or working on your device, you will be able to enter your details manually, on a 'Track and Trace' list.

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