Melton Mowbray Methodist Circuit

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Local Churches

Most people think of the church as a building whereas the root meaning is an assembly of people. The Christian church is the body of Jesus Christ of which He is the head. The Christian church is a body of believers who belong to God and have trusted in Christ for salvation. All those who believe and have placed their faith in Jesus Christ and are baptised in the Holy Spirit are part of the body of Christ - the church of God.
The Methodist Church (people) is but one of many Christian denominations that make up the universal Christian church.

"Christians don't go to church: they are the church, gathered or scattered"
                                                                                           Bishop of Maidstone

The following is a list of places which we use for Methodist worship and witness. Some are known as our own local Methodist churches which are sometimes called 'chapels' and others are premises we are allowed to use in Christian partnership &/or community collaboration.

We produce a worship plan every 3 months known as the Quarterly Plan which shows the timetable of services at our places of worship. 

Each of our Methodist churches have a church council or similar with elected and appointed offices to suit the size of congregation and need.   

Sandy Lane Methodist Church  Sandy Lane 

Stonesby Methodist Church   Stonesby  

           Long Clawson Methodist Church  Long Clawson

Upper Wreake Methodist Church

Upper Wreake Methodist Church - Frisby Centre  Frisby Methodist Centre  Upper Wreake Methodist Church - Hoby Centre    Hoby Methodist Centre



        Methodist Curch