Melton Mowbray Methodist Circuit

Faith, Hope and Love

 Our Worship

Christian people gather together as a church to offer worship to God. 
From the earliest days of Christianity people have come together to honour and respect God's love in Jesus Christ the Saviour.
It is the Christian community's celebration of its faith.

All real worship is God centred where Christians acknowledge what God through Christ and the work of the Holy Spirit has done for the world. 

God makes the first move and Christians respond with worship, 
recognising the loving care, the mystery and majesty, the creativity and glory of an omnipresent and all knowing eternal God.

In worship, Christians are moved to offer praise and thanksgiving and confession with the assurance of God's mercy and forgiveness.

In worship God's acts of grace and love in creation and salvation are recounted and celebrated. God acts first and Christians respond with thanksgiving, with intercession and commitment.


Worship is a gracious encounter with God, sharing in something special.
God 'speaks' to the worshippers through the Scriptures, preaching,
symbolism and sacrament. Christians respond in the main with hymns, songs, prayers and dedication.

Worship is the work of all the people of God so a congregation is not a passive audience but a participation of worshippers.

There are those who are called to lead worship such as Local Preachers, Worship Leaders and Ordained Ministers (who are also Local Preachers).
These people are called and encouraged through the Holy Spirit to enable the church to fully participate in worship which can take many forms.

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Our Methodist Circuit has and is and hopefully will continue to be blessed with such a body of leaders of worship. At present they are:-

Rev. James Skinner (Superintendent)     
Deacon Alison McCauley

Supernumerary (Retired) Ministers:-

Rev Douglas Dennis     
Rev. Dr. Eric Lott     
Rev. Ronald Dyer     
Rev David Key     
Rev. Jeffrey Ward

Local Preachers

Mr M Sergeant

Mrs K Skinner 
Mrs M Ward    
Mrs J Key     
Mrs F Barsby     
Mrs L Aldred    

Mrs J Oliver
Mrs L Sergeant     

Mr R Oliver     
Mrs E Henfrey     
Mrs J Petchey     

Mrs J Norburn
Mr M Thompson     
Mrs M Ayto     

Mrs G Turley
Mrs A Yates

Miss C Scarborough

Miss J Wakerley  

Mrs Sharon Guy

On Note:-

Mrs Debbie Mason

Worship Leaders:-

Mrs M Dorn (for Long Clawson)     

Mrs Bernice Nkekeh (Sage Cross)

Visit our circuit Churches and discover and experience how each of these leaders of worship have their own personality of presentation of worship, based on a well ordered sequential format, that in its simplest form:-
celebrates being in God's presence, hears the good news God has for us,
which Christians respond to with their lives.

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