Melton Mowbray Methodist Circuit

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On-Line Sunday Services

The Methodist Church, in collaboration with Methodist Central Hall Westminster, and other locations, are offering live streamed, YouTube video services each Sunday morning, via links from their website*:


Our Own Pre-Recorded Service* is available each Sunday (after it's been uploaded)

by clicking on the link below.

This Sunday's service, 22nd November, was led by Mrs. J. Oliver.

Theme: The parable of the Sheep and Goats

 Hymns (StF)


 403. God is Love His the care

 Matthew 25. vs 31 - 46

 317. At the name of Jesus


 256. When I need a neighbour


 410.Lord Thy church on earth is seeking


Next Sunday's service, 29th November, will be led by Rev. J. Skinner


Future on-Line services:

29th November - Led by Rev. J. Skinner


Each Sunday, the churches of the Upper Wreake share in a Zoom on-line service.

Please contact Janet Norburn prior to the service for an invitation:


*For your benefit, as they are YouTube videos, they can be viewed on 'Smart' Televisions in your own living room. Just search for our website ( with your 'Smart' Television browser and

click on  the 'On-Line Sunday Services' tab at the top of our website pages.

 Click on the video link and then the 'Full Screen' icon at the bottom right of the link.

Recent on-line services can still be found on our 'Archive' page view

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