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Welcome to the Melton Mowbray Methodist Church website.

Our buildings are closed but the ‘Church’ is well and truly ‘open’.  We continue to meet, albeit via phone calls, letters, on-line services and even ‘zoom’ meetings and Bible studies.  You are very welcome to access as much of these as you would like.

Each week we present a pre-recorded Sunday service, put together by our ministers, preachers and people from across the circuit.  It is a varied and rich resource, with hymns to sing along to, readings and a word for the day.  You can watch it at any time from the comfort of your own home.  Check the menu above to see what’s available.

 In this season of Easter, which runs from Easter Sunday until Pentecost (May 31st), we think of the disciples, scared, hiding in their homes, grieving for their leader, feeling lost as their lives are turned upside down.  They probably felt as though all hope was gone when Jesus was nailed to the cross.  But afterwards as they sat in their homes, fearful for their lives, the stories were told, rumours spread, a sense of hope started to emerge, that all was not lost!  Jesus was alive!  Reliable witnesses had seen him.  And that changed everything!

We too are still locked down, grieving and feeling lost.  But we too can share these stories of Jesus.  The story of the resurrection, death defeated and hope for everyone. 

Things are very difficult at this time.  We are all struggling in some way.  God knows our grief, understands our pain, holds us when there are no words.  The disciples saw Jesus and believed.  Their passionate desire to tell others lives on, so that we too may have faith in Jesus. 

It is our hope that together, in all this, we can support each other, pray for each other and comfort one another.  If you know of someone who would appreciate a printed copy of a service or even a DVD if they have no internet access, please let us know and we’ll do our best to send them a copy.

The disciples stayed home for their own safety.  I’m glad they did, or the word of God may not have been passed on.  We too must do the same to protect others.  Please stay at home.  God is with you wherever you are. 

Take very great care.  God Bless.

Deacon Alison. 

30th April 2020


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A Novena 'Waiting in Prayer' for Ascensiontide and an 'At Home Quiet Day' 

by Revd. Alison Tomlin are available to Viewhere.


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