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Advent Windows

 Something for Advent?  Advent Candles

 Advent Candles During the month of December in our last circuit, Oldham and Saddleworth, a   group in the Uppermill Church organised a series of illuminated windows on an   advent theme, throughout the village.

 If you look up Uppermill Advent on the internet (cl then scroll down to the 'Tags' window on the left), you can see what they have done in the last few years.  Advent Candles This year we wondered if people throughout this circuit would like to create their own Advent windows, either at home or perhaps at church, on the theme of Christmas carols? This would  mean  choosing a carol and decorating a window that could be seen from  outside  to illustrate it. 

James and Kath.

Advent Window Fact Sheet

Q       I wish to create an advent window. How do I go about it?

A1.          Choose a window to decorate

A2.          Choose a carol to illustrate.

Q       What materials can I use?

A.          Anything that light will shine through e.g. coloured tissue paper, coloured cellophane, washable glass paints etc

Q       What are the best ways to illuminate the window?

A.           Leave a light on (4:30pm to 10:00pm approx) or have a small lamp placed behind the design so it can be seen from outside.

Q       When do I do my window?

A.           Windows can be put up on any day from November 29th until Christmas Eve.

When you have done your windows, please take a photograph and send it to Phil McCauley, as either an attachment to or via WhatsApp, who will then put your photos onto our circuit website during Advent.

A Photo will be added daily to the gallery from Sunday, 29th November, in order of receipt. So, the sooner you submit a photo the longer they will be displayed.

Please include your name, title/theme and the window's location and use the best quality (largest digital file size) you can comfortably transmit as an attachment.

If you wish to know more, then please contact James or Kath.

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